Specialty Cakes

Apple - Cinnamon
A dense cake with chunks of apple and cinnamon topped off with a whipped cream cheese frosting. This cake is only available from September - December.

Banana Cake
Our moist banana cake is filled with a fresh banana cream and then frosted with our whipped vanilla frosting. Topped with crushed vanilla wafers.

Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting (aka Elvis)
A moist banana cake highlighted with a whipped peanut butter frosting and filling that will leave you saying, "Thank ya. Thank ya, very much."

Black Forest
Our not too tart, not too sweet cherry pie filling layered with chocolate cake and whipped vanilla frosting. Decorated with chocolate shavings and maraschino cherries on top.

Blueberry Cream
A yellow cake with fresh blueberry pie filling and finished with a whipped cream cheese frosting.

Brownie ~ Cookie Dough
A rich chocolate brownie cake with cookie dough filling and covered in a chocolate ganache. Decorated with crumbled brownie.

A rich chocolate cake filled with peanut butter buckeye filling. We then cover it with a delicious chocolate buttercream and top with a  dark chocolate ganache drizzle and a few chopped Reese cups.

A moist vanilla cake filled with a sweet ricotta filling that includes chopped chocolate and almonds. It is covered with an almond whipped cream frosting, topped with chopped chocolate and almonds.
Andie adds a few special touches here and there to make this cake one of her customers favorites.

Carrot Pineapple
A dense cake filled with fresh carrots and pineapple as well as a few special ingredients. This highly sought after cake is covered in a traditional cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Mousse
This is the cake that started it all! Our moist chocolate cake that is filled and frosted with a rich whipped chocolate frosting and topped with chocolate curls. A must have cake for any chocolate lover!

Coconut Lime
Just as it sounds; a perfect mix of lime and coconut. A coconut cake soaked in a tart lime glaze and covered in a whipped
cream cheese frosting and shredded coconut.

Oreo® Cookie & Cream
Dark chocolate cake with a creamy vanilla filling full of crushed cookies that is finished with more creamy filling and mini Oreo's®.

Ding Dong®
A dark chocolate cake with a fluffy marshmallow-like filling that resembles that of the Ding Dong and covered in a rich chocolate gananche. This is a 2 layer cake.

Donut Hole
A fun way to eat donuts! This can be any combo of chocolate or vanilla cake and chocolate or vanilla donut holes.  The donut holes are baked right into the cake.  It is then covered in a buttercream frosting and topped with sprinkles.

German Chocolate
A German Chocolate cake filled with a creamy pecan and coconut caramel and covered in our chocolate buttercream frosting and topped with more creamy pecan and coconut caramel plus a chocolate ganache drizzle.

Italian Creme
A rich vanilla cake mixed with walnuts and coconut. It is then finished and filled with an almond buttercream frosting and topped with walnuts and coconut.

Lemon Blueberry
This is a perfect pairing of our Lemon Supreme and Blueberry cakes.  A tangy lemon cake filled with creamy lemon curd and fresh blueberry pie filling. A whipped light cream cheese frosting surrounds it.

Lemon Supreme
This is a tangy lemon cake filled with a creamy lemon curd. A whipped light cream cheese frosting surrounds it.

Mint Chocolate Chip
Moist chocolate cake filled and covered with mint chocolate chip frosting that tastes just like the ice cream. Topped with chopped chocolate and mint candies.

Orange and Pineapple Cake

This yummy cake is our sunshine cake.  A delightful orange cake with chunks of mandarin orange throughout is highlighted with a whipped pineapple cream frosting. We top it with chunks of orange and pineapple.

A moist yellow cake sweetened with crushed pineapple and filled and frosted with a light pineapple whip cream frosting.  We top it with chunks of pineapple and maraschino cherries.

PIneapple Upside Down
A traditional yellow cake topped with carmalized pineapple rings and maraschino cherries.

Pumpkin Streusel
A delicious mix of fall spices and pumpkin, marbled with a walnut and cinnamon streusel. Topped with a whipped cream cheese frosting.
This cake is only available September - December.

Red Velvet
The traditional rich chocolate cake with red food coloring surrounded in our cream cheese frosting.  Our recipe has been, "the best I have ever had", in reviews.

Oh my! We take yellow cake and swirl in cinnamon cake. It is covered and filled with vanilla buttercream and cinnamon buttercream.  Topped with crushed snickerdoodle cookies.

Fresh Strawberry

A heavenly mix of vanilla cake layered with fresh sliced strawberries and whipped cream. It is decorated with whipped cream icing and more fresh strawberries. This simple cake is amazing and wins the approval of all dessert lovers. In season, when strawberries are their juciest, is when this cake is the best.


This cake is a swirl of coffee cake and yellow cake that is filled and frosted with a whipped Kahlua frosting. We finish it with a sprinkle of cocoa and some chocolate covered coffee beans.